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Your Guide to the Various Types of Hair Extensions Are you stumped for an answer when your hairdresser asked if you want pre-bonded hair extensions or micro-loop? You can be excused for not knowing the answer as there are many different types of hair extensions out in the market. Consider this article as your guide in the world of hair extensions, and on the types of hair extensions you may want for yourself. Essentially, hair extensions are made from either human hair or synthetic hair. The “natural” shine exuded by synthetic hair extensions comes from its silicone coating that decolorizes after a while. Hair extensions of this type are also immune to coloring or styling with heat. For being resistant to dyeing and styling and having low quality, synthetic hair extensions are cheaper compared to human hair extensions. Besides, the serviceability of synthetic hair extensions is only up to three months which is not optimal if you love to wear them daily. In comparison, human hair extensions can be used just like human hair. Whether its dyeing or styling, your human hair extensions can take it the same way your own locks can. What is exclusive to this type of hair extension is the way the hair cuticles face the same direction which allows it to blend naturally with your own hair. However, its price tag is higher than that of synthetic ones as it is expected to last from six months to one year.
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First, there is the pre-bonded hair extension. These are arguably the most popular type of hair extension because of its discreteness. The problem is its application can be harmful. From the term itself, pre-bonded hair extensions are tacked on to your own hair with the aid of different adhesives like keratin and glue. You have to sit in the hair salon chair for four or more hours to affix the pre-bonded hair extensions that will be permanent for six months or until you want a professional to take them out for you. The procedure can be quite messy and the penchant of many salons to use polymers or glue adhesives can ruin natural hair. The second type is the micro-loop or micro-link hair extensions. It gets its name from looping the extensions through your hair followed by clamping them down with a pair of pliers and a metal to finish. There is a tendency for the extensions to go up or slide down the hair shaft so it can be okay for those who do not mind and disconcerting for those who do mind. A downside to this hair extension is the application of heat to the metal beads which can cause hair to burn and break.