I Had a Strange Visit with My Aunt

I had not been to see my Aunt Susan in several years and so I could not see a good reason not to drop in when I was passing through New Jersey. She lives just outside of Clifton NJ and so we went in there and had lunch at this terrific place that belongs to someone who is related to me in some way. I guess they are distant cousins. At any rate we had a great lunch and then she got to take her to this place that sells Jewish headstones in NJ. I was both confused and astonished. I have not ever in my whole life thought once about buying a headstone, but she explained it to me pretty easily. Apparently some drunken driver had managed to run completely off the road and knock over the tombstone. Some way the driver had managed to get back out of the cemetery and hit another car before it was disabled and abandoned. Of course the driver reported it stolen, and I do not know if it was or not.

At any rate there is a lot more to replacing a headstone than I would have thought, but they are also a lot more expensive than I would have guessed. I really did not ever think about it though. No one ever wants to think about the fact that we are finite creatures and that the end is coming at us just it came to all of our ancestors going back to the start of time. Aside from this strange shopping trip I enjoyed the visit. In fact she tried to set me up with a girl too. I think that it was a cousin of mine, although not so close a cousin that it would be really weird to date her.

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