Helping a Friend Find Permanent Relief for His Terrible Back Pain

I have a friend who has a bad back. He has had multiple surgeries. He can get through the days, and he even is able to work out some to stay fit. Of course, though, he is extremely adept at just taking the pain. He had a job that resulted in injuries to his back. He has torn up his arm and shoulder too. I can tell when it is wearing him down. You just watch him when he thinks no one is looking. You can then see him slouch into pain. I suggested PRP treatment in New Rochelle, NY as an option. He never heard of it.

I explained it to him how they would take blood samples from him. Then they would take the vials of blood and spin them in a centrifuge. That would separate out the blood components. They would get rid of the red blood cells, but they would keep the plasma and platelets. Continue reading


I Am Learning About PRP Therapy

In fact I had heard about this a few times, I knew for example that several years ago there was pro athletes that had to go to Europe in order to get platelet rich plasma therapy done. Obviously when you make millions of dollars based on being able to run and jump, then you are going to be willing to try anything. In my case I am talking to a Dr.. Clark who provides PRP therapy in Westchester county, NY and the hope is that if he knows what he is doing, then he is going to be able to help me to be able to use my left knee the way that I am supposed to be able to use it. At any rate this stuff is supposed to do all sorts of things, in fact they even claim that it will work against hair loss. That may be something of an issue for me, but I would rather shave my head than get something like this done for hair loss. Continue reading


I Wonder if the Media People Are Happy

I really do not know what one should think of the latest Trump news, of course my position is fairly clear and no one who loves that fool is too eager to quarrel with me about the man. Putting aside his politics, which are purely based on what he thinks is in his own best interests, the man is completely amoral and obviously does not know or care much about the difference between right and wrong. Continue reading


I Had a Strange Visit with My Aunt

I had not been to see my Aunt Susan in several years and so I could not see a good reason not to drop in when I was passing through New Jersey. She lives just outside of Clifton NJ and so we went in there and had lunch at this terrific place that belongs to someone who is related to me in some way. I guess they are distant cousins. At any rate we had a great lunch and then she got to take her to this place that sells Jewish headstones in NJ. I was both confused and astonished. I have not ever in my whole life thought once about buying a headstone, but she explained it to me pretty easily. Continue reading